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Screen Time Versus Quality Time With Your Kids:

How Much Of Their Childhood Are You Giving Facebook?

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I’m guilty of it myself.  Sitting in the pick-up line at school, scrolling through my Facebook page on my phone, failing to notice my kids have gotten in the car, and suddenly realizing that I’ve already missed several of the frontpage headlines of their day.  I’ll attend a middle school volleyball match or a beginner’s hip hop class and innocently intend to take a picture, only to find myself missing the winning tip or my 8 year-old’s best-rendition-yet of the “Worm”, too busy scanning my newsfeed for the “what’s seriously not important” from the last ten minutes.

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At least I’m not Shannon Johnson.  In September of 2011, this Greeley, Colorado woman let her 13 month-old baby drown in the bathtub while she played Café World on Facebook (Roberts).  Earlier that morning, reports say that she had given her son breakfast, navigating her kitchen, maybe dicing a banana or scrambling an egg, and then put him in the bathtub to wash up (Roberts). 

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Ironically, Café World was a restaurant simulation game, which at its peak had more than 8.6 million players a week (Shaul) who could “slice, chop, saute and bake [their] way to the top of the culinary world!” (Café World).  Johnson did, in fact, make her way to the top of the newsfeed with her 10-year sentence for the fatal neglect of her son.  Almost two years later, Zynga, the gaming company who owned Café World, chose to discontinue the game in July of 2014 due to diminishing numbers of players and revenue (Shaul). 

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Born in 1974, I didn’t have to compete with social media for my parents’ attention.  A good Sunday sports page in my father’s hands or my mother’s most recent library acquisition, maybe.  But, a handheld device complete with the ability to message a high school sweetheart or to peek at pictures of classmates who had lost hair or gained weight?  Nope.  They had to wait for twenty-year class reunions to roll around for that.  I had their full divided attention.

In an article entitled “Calling All Moms:  Get The Heck Off Facebook!,” Megan O’Neill interviews Gerry Graf regarding his partnership with MomFilter.com to promote a shared vision to “encourage moms to log off Facebook…at least for a little while…and spend some time with their kids” (O’Neill).  Together, collaborators launched the campaign called “The Log Off,” and produced a video displayed at thelogoff.org and linked to YouTube.  The YouTube version has had 148,717 views since May 2011, while “Maybe The Best Funny Dogs Compilation Ever” video uploaded the same day has drawn 2,571,204 viewers. 

The campaign is falling on distracted ears.  With a look at recent headlines, child neglect and the internet seem a joint venture of their own.  While parents aren’t exactly logging off the internet in droves, some are totally unplugging…from their parenting.


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