Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Farmer's Market

today is saturday, so that means farmers' market day.  the kids and i have made this our new tradition.  we travel just down the road here to the pine creek farmers' market.  it is, historically speaking, the best farmers' market ever.

first, there is a clown named twinkles who does face painting 
with the expertise of a seasoned stage makeup artist and twists up balloon animals or weapons in a myriad of species and styles.  second, they have mimosas.  while i've never actually imbibed, i am premeditating my first one next season after el bebe is born.  third, the food!  homemade pies, fresh kettle corn, solar roasted coffee, fresh fruits and veggies of course, fresh goat cheese and all kinds of fresh baked breads and rolls.  oh-and there is a crepe cart.  ethan walked up to it, read the sign and asked "what are creeps?"

the people are all so nice and no one is in a hurry.  there's this unwritten rule that i have discovered:  when one is at the farmers' market, one slows down to a pace such as to appreciate the beauty of beets in a bunch.  why rush about?  in addition to all the food, local artisans peddle their wares:  bottle cap necklaces, handmade batik scarves, all natural soaps, jewelry, embroidered bags and bibs.  it is organic in every sense.  ideas, products, pace and persona all co-existing in this harmonious, fruitful, productive place.  the way the world was intended to be, in my opinion.  

i can't help but wonder if that's what heaven is like.  bits of all the good things in life, ideas come to fruition, tangible products of various imaginations, for all to share and delight in.  without the hurried pace of the world making the whole thing an impossibility.  the world might think carrots don't have fern-like green tops sometimes equally as long or longer than the root itself. but we know the truth, found only in the bushel baskets in the back.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

13 years lucky...

13 years.  more love than tears.  

a troop of almost five.  blessed to still be alive.

new faces in new spaces.  wouldn't trade places.

a love that grows.  years beginning to show.

memories made.  troubles fade.  

the future is clear.  with you my dear.

happy anniversary.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Audrey!

well, it was a long day of making potato salad and homemade birthday cake.  and a lovely day of playing bean bags and celebrating.  4th of july has always been a favorite for marcus and i, but having audrey on the 3rd made it even better.  and now she's 2!  unbelievable!

she loves caillou (much to our shegrin), loves milk, bugs, hates loud noises, is a mommy groupie, loves reading with daddy before bed, sleeps 12 hours every night and 2-3 hours every afternoon, loves playing with "sisser", loves wrestling with "e" (ethan), loves when sam takes her outside, loves swings, is an animal fanatic and says "oh honey" to every animal she encounters, is about as round as she is tall, sprints on tiptoes to daddy to give him kisses hello and goodbye and has a smile that melts hearts.

she came into the world on her due date at a petite 7 lbs. 4 oz. and was what the midwife called transverse breach.  basically she was face down, but sideways and even though she was our 4th one, she was the toughest and longest delivery.  close to 6 hours from the first contraction to the last.  which is pretty ironic considering she was our easiest newborn.  

we left the hospital and went to grandma's 24 hours later and were at fireworks that night. when the nurse brought me a dried up chicken leg and overcooked piece of corn as my 4th of july lunch, we got sprung.  i knew there was potato salad and burgers and lots of family waiting for us.  and even though we were both really tired, we celebrated the 4th and went home to both sleep all night!

well, we love you "audge"!  and we're looking forward to this 2 year old adventure with you.  don't worry about the tantrums-they'll pass.  i promise not say "no" to everything and to slow down and let you lay down on your belly and look at bugs on the sidewalk, if you keep napping, say 'til you're 6?