Friday, November 19, 2010

10 years flew by...

people always say it.  "don't blink.  they'll be grown before you know it!"  for those of us still responsible for "helping" very small children in the bathroom or still changing diapers, that comment seems oddly out of place.  almost as if they're standing on the edge of a well and i'm at...well, the bottom of it looking up.

but it's starting to apply.  ethan turned ten just a few weeks ago.  it was one of those birthdays, for him and us, that really put time into perspective.  i feel like he's 6 or 7 maybe, but 10?  that's pushing it...

this summer a house on our block went up for sale.  i prayed diligently and specifically for a boy ethan's age to move onto the block.  "God, i know this is annoyingly particular, but ethan needs a buddy."  ethan is all about relationships and people.  he loves and likes and cares deeply for those around him.  while leaving his buddies in chicago was difficult for him, he also has the gift of making friends very easily.  but he was still missing his colorado "nathan".  nathan was (and is) his buddy three houses away in chicago and they'd been friends since they were six weeks old.  they spent every waking moment together, those "than" brothers.

let's just say, we hit the buddy jackpot.  God answered this prayer 10 fold.  the sweetest freckle faced kid named sam moved in and has become ethan's best bud.  he's this charismatic, funny guy who's always got a smile, is kind to the "littles" and the other "middle", is inclusive and optimistic and active and respectful.  he has an older brother our sam's age as well, jackson, so it was really a double jackpot.  the kicker is~they're from illinois!

we celebrated ethan's birthday at the airplane restaurant.  it sits near the airport and is housed in an old WWII plane.  sammy d. came with us and ev stayed with friends, so we were still a swarming party of 7.  add a new wii game, a gift card, an ice cream sundae and a new best friend and you've got a pretty darn good tenth birthday.